This is the static HTML version of Turku Dependency Treebank. The current release consists of 678 publicly available documents and further 76 documents in the held-out test set. The treebank can be queried online at this address using the query language documented here.

To browse through the static version of the treebank, follow the links in the document index below.

Document Index
b101 b102 b103 b105 b106 b107
b108 b109 b110 b111 b112 b114
b115 b116 b201 b202 b203 b204
b301 b302 b303 b304 b305 b307
b308 b309 b402 b403 b501 b502
b503 b504 b505 b506 b507 b508
b509 b510 b511 b601 b603 b604
b605 b606 b607 b701 b702 b703
b704 b705 b707 b708 b710 b712
b713 b714 b715 b716 b717 b718
b719 b720 b721 b722 b723 b801
b802 b803 b804 e1001 e1002 e1003
e1004 e1005 e1006 e1007 e1009 e1010
e1011 e1012 e1013 e1014 e1015 e1016
e1017 e1018 e1019 e1020 e1022 e1023
e1024 e1025 e1026 e1027 e1028 e1029
e1030 e1031 e1032 e1033 e1034 e1035
e1036 e1037 e1038 e1039 e1040 e1041
e1042 e1043 e1044 e1045 e1046 e1047
e1049 e1050 e1051 e1052 e1053 e1054
e1055 e1056 e1057 e1058 e1059 e1060
e1063 e1064 e1065 e1066 e1067 e1068
e1069 e1070 e1071 e1072 e1073 e1074
e1076 e1077 e1078 f101 f102 f201
f202 f203 f204 f205 f206 f207
f208 f209 f210 f211 f213 f301
f302 f303 f403 f404 f501 f502
f503 f601 f602 f604 f605 f606
f607 f701 f702 f703 f801 f802
f901 fA01 fA02 fA03 fA04 fB01
fB02 fB03 fC01 fC02 fC03 fC04
fC05 fD01 fD02 fD03 fE01 fE02
fE03 fE04 fE05 fE06 fF02 fF03
fF04 h1001 h1002 h1003 h1004 h1005
h1006 h1008 h1009 h1010 h1012 h1013
h1014 h1015 h1016 h1017 h1018 h1019
h1020 h1021 h1022 h1023 h1024 h1025
h1026 h1027 h1028 h1029 h1030 h1031
h1032 h1033 h1034 h1036 h1037 h1038
h1040 h1041 h1042 h1043 h1044 h1045
h1046 h1047 h1048 h1049 h1050 h1051
h1053 h1054 h1055 h1056 h1057 h1058
h1059 h1060 h1061 h1062 h1063 h1064
h1065 h1066 h1068 h1069 h1070 h1071
h1072 h1074 h1076 h1077 h1078 h1079
h1080 j002 j003 j006 j007 j008
j009 j010 j011 j012 j013 j014
j015 j016 j017 j018 j019 j020
j021 j022 j023 j025 j026 j027
j028 j029 j030 s101 s102 s103
s104 s105 s106 s107 s108 s109
s110 s201 s202 s204 s205 s206
s301 s302 s303 s304 s306 s307
t001 t002 t003 t004 t005 t006
t007 t008 t009 t011 t012 t013
t014 t015 t016 t017 t018 t020
t021 t022 t023 t024 t025 t026
t027 t028 t029 t031 t033 t034
t035 t036 t037 t038 t039 t040
t041 t042 t043 t044 t045 t046
t047 t048 t050 u001 u002 u003
u004 u005 u006 u007 u008 u009
u010 u011 u012 u013 u014 u015
u016 u017 u018 u019 u020 u022
u023 u024 u025 u026 u027 u029
u030 u031 u033 u034 u035 u036
u037 u038 u039 u041 u042 u043
u044 u045 u046 u048 u049 u050
w001 w002 w003 w004 w005 w006
w007 w008 w009 w010 w011 w012
w013 w014 w015 w016 w017 w018
w019 w020 w021 w022 w023 w024
w025 w026 w027 w028 w029 w030
w031 w032 w033 w034 w035 w036
w037 w038 w039 w040 w041 w042
w043 w044 w045 w046 w047 w048
w049 w050 w051 w052 w053 w054
w055 w056 w057 w058 w059 w060
w061 w062 w063 w064 w065 w066
w067 w068 w069 w070 w071 w072
w073 w074 w075 w076 w077 w078
w079 w080 w081 w082 w083 w084
w086 w087 w089 w090 w092 w093
w096 w097 w098 w100 w101 w102
w103 w105 w106 w108 w109 w110
w111 w112 w113 w114 w115 w116
w117 w119 w121 w122 w123 w124
w126 w127 w128 w130 w131 w132
w133 w134 w135 w136 w137 w139
w140 w141 w142 w143 w144 w145
w147 w149 w150 w151 w152 w153
w154 w155 w156 w158 w159 w160
w161 w162 w163 w164 w165 w166
w167 w168 w169 w170 w172 w174
w175 w176 w177 w178 w180 w181
w182 w183 w184 w185 w186 w187
w188 w189 w190 w191 w192 w193
w194 w195 w196 w197 w198 w200
wn001 wn002 wn005 wn006 wn007 wn008
wn009 wn010 wn011 wn012 wn013 wn014
wn015 wn016 wn017 wn018 wn019 wn020
wn021 wn023 wn024 wn025 wn026 wn027
wn028 wn029 wn030 wn031 wn032 wn033
wn034 wn035 wn037 wn038 wn039 wn040
wn041 wn044 wn045 wn046 wn047 wn048
wn049 wn050 wn052 wn053 wn054 wn055
wn056 wn057 wn058 wn059 wn060 wn062
wn063 wn064 wn065 wn066 wn067 wn068
wn069 wn070 wn071 wn072 wn073 wn074
wn075 wn076 wn078 wn079 wn081 wn082
wn083 wn084 wn085 wn086 wn087 wn088
wn089 wn090 wn091 wn092 wn093 wn094
wn095 wn096 wn097 wn098 wn099 wn100

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